All Trails Lead to Göttweig

Göttweig Abbey and Trailwerk Wachau have built a mecca for mountain bikers on the Göttweiger Berg.

Love at Second Sight

Susanne and Max Riegelhofer produce crisp, fruity white wines and Veltliner sparkling wines in Poysdorf.

Dutch Treats

In the ZART Pralinen chocolate craftery , Marieke Wijne-Slop produces world-class artisan chocolates in a quaint Weinviertel barn.

Wachau Ahoy!

Michi Reichl and Gerald Geith take guests on boats called zillen to show them the Wachau from a side they would never experience as tourists.

A Skilled Trade with an Edge

The material from which Florian Stockinger crafts his fine blades is nearly as old as the earth itself.

A Wellspring of Inspiration

Angelika Hager, author, journalist and cabaret performer writing about her own personal summer holiday spot: the thermal baths in Bad Vöslau

Mt. Ötscher is his medicine

Gerald Demolsky has made it his mission to inspire others to get into sports and start living a healthier lifestyle. His outdoor arena is Austria’s Mostviertel region. Because your backyard is really the perfect training ground with everything you need to put a sloppy grin on your face.

Mr. Floh: Rocking one hat and three toques

Mixing up down-home cooking and nouvelle cuisine: Josef Floh is famous for blazing trails at Gastwirtschaft Floh in Langenlebarn. At the same time, his restaurant also remains a popular destination for traditional Lower Austrian fare. Could it be this contrast that draws such a crowd?

Natural cosmetics from the vineyard

Organic cosmetics and fine wines combine to create a consummate symbiosis at Nikolaihof. And Martin Saahs’ dieNikolai cosmetics line is proof that superior wine is not the only product that can be made from grapes. Gently processed by hand and approved by Demeter, the world's most rigorous biodynamic certificate.

Two Bakers Making Good with Outstanding Bread

The Öfferl steam bakery in Gaubitsch is surrounded by the wine cellar lanes so typical of the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria. Two headstrong men have made a name for themselves there: Georg Öfferl and Lukas Uhl. They took something about to be relegated to history and revived it into what is again today: a flourishing family bakery.

Hooked on His Job

Waldviertel reservoirs and the creatures who dwell there have fascinated Bernhard Berger ever since he was a boy. He fishes all year round, whether it's beach weather or when a thick blanket of ice first blankets the water. That's when Bernhard heads out to go ice fishing.

Cook the Garden

Anyone on the lookout for something special is sure to find it at Peter Pichler’s Molzbachhof. He is the third generation of the family to carry on their life’s work. He does it with flair and with Gaumenkitzel, the name of his gourmet restaurant and the German word variously translated as “dishes that tickle the palate” or “treats for the taste buds.” For him, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

A Woman. A Hotel. 
A History.

The photographer Yvonne Oswald has memorialized the Südbahnhotel am Semmering. A hotel that is gradually slipping out of the silence imposed upon it and telling its story to the world through the dedicated work of this artist. Through the power of her superbly composed pictures, this venerable structure can finally breathe a little easier once again.

From Field to Bottle

The world has taken quite a fancy to the brand-new range of spirits handcrafted by Doris and Josef Farthofer in Öhling.

On the Trail of Mindfulness

Doris Greil will take you on a yoga hike along ancient pilgrim routes to sacred healing sites in the Mostviertel region.

A Sky Full Of Stars

Thomas Dorfer, proprietor of Landhaus Bacher in Mautern/Donau, runs the best restaurant in the country.

The Journey is the Reward

As a trail maintenance volunteer, Ingrid Pecher makes sure that the Rax region's hiking trails are good to go.